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What Is The Paleo Diet?

The Paleo Diet – caveman diet, paleolithic diet, stone age diet, or hunter-gatherer diet – is the popular diet of today which is basically eating foods that a caveman would eat so when people ask you “What is the Paleo Diet?”, think of the word paleo from the paleolithic period what cavemen eat. Cavemen don’t eat bags of crisps, hotdogs or candy.This means that all of the processed foods, and most processed dairy products, nuts, oils, grains, and sugars (possibly chocolate) are recommended out of the menu for the Paleo Diet. If someone asks you “What is the Paleo Diet?” just reply “It’s a caveman diet.” All meat, fruits and vegetables only. That perfectly sums up what the Paleo Diet is. If the person asks “What is the Paleo Diet” again then whack him with a club!

What does “processed” mean in the food industry?

The word “processed” typically means anything that has went through a process. This means anything that has went through the factory, the blender, or the adding of different ingredients before it reaches your home so to speak.

This does not mean that you should not eat slaughtered animals because they have gone through the process of killing and cleaning. You are 100% allowed to have them in the Paleo Diet. Processed animal meat means that they have went through factories to grind the meat down to a hull and package them after having put preservatives other than salt.

Processed foods include hotdogs, sausages, nuggets, canned foods, and the like since they do not come out as “simply cooked meat” but instead come with preservatives, breadcrumbs, flavourings, and oils.

What else can I think of besides a “caveman”?
One tip I have known is that you can think of what a monkey or an ape eats – then just add fresh meat. This will simplify the whole thought of the Paleo Diet what a caveman eats since you might think of what a temperate (cold weather) caveman would eat instead of what a tropical (hot weather) caveman would eat.

Monkeys, apes, and other primates have a rich diet of fruits coupled with daily exercise swinging from trees and walking about. This is what the 21st century diet is all about – going back to the basics.

Dairy – what about my calcium?

You might be wondering where to get the main reason why you have dairy products other than they’re tasty. You can get calcium from a lot of other sources and since we are following an ancient human diet that has worked for over thousands of years, you can rest assured that it will still work today.

Green leafy vegetables, and fish especially the oily ones like sardines and pilchards give the most calcium. Of course, there is still calcium in other foods that you will be having in your Paleo Diet like nuts, and oranges!

Calcium should not be a problem since you diet will include foods rich in them. The above are the best sources of calcium for the healthy Paleo Diet.

Will I have a varied intake of foods?

Yes, you will. The Paleo Diet is not strictly meat or meat alone. It is simply a tweak to your regular diet. The big difference is that your grains will have to be taken out of the menu since we are talking about the caveman diet also known as the hunter-gatherer diet. This is not the farmer diet. You might be wondering where you get your carbohydrates since grains provide a pack of that.

Somehow, the evolution of man has made it necessary that we have a moderate intake of carbohydrates. How much is what should be taken into. If you are a high-energy athlete who requires a lot of energy-intake, then you might want to stick to the amount of carbohydrates you are already having, but go for the unprocessed foods. It would be recommended that everyone has to an extent the “safe starches” like sweet potatoes, pumpkins, yams, and nuts.

What Is The Paleo Diet? Conclusion

All of this can be summed up through one of the popular phrases of the Paleo Diet I sure hope you put into mind: meats, vegetables, nuts, and seeds; some fruits, no sugar. This comes in order with having the vegetables, nuts, meats, and seeds as the most, with around 2 fruits a day, and strictly no refined/processed sugars. Honey can be your sugar alternative to an extent. One tip: honey with an expiry/best before date is not real honey. Honey does not expire.

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