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Forskolin Fuel –¬†Weight Loss – How to Control Your Appetite and Lose Weight

Your body is a fine tuned machine and the food that you eat is the fuel that your body runs on. If you choose poor fuels, such as fatty fried foods, your body will not function as efficiently as it would on much better quality foods.

You may not have given it much thought, but the way that you eat and the foods that you eat have a large effect on your appetite. If you are making poor choices with foods, you may feel hungry all of the time because your body requires certain nutrients that it is not receiving. As a result, your brain is receiving signals that you need to consume more food, as your body searches for its nutritional requirements.

* Giving up sugar is a really good start. Sugar is empty calories, and it really does nothing for your body at all. The one thing it does do is cause you to crash and burn, and then because you are still feeling hungry, you will eat more empty calories. This can become a very vicious cycle. It is not always a good idea to switch to low calorie sweeteners either. They tend to increase your appetite. Try cutting out your diet soft drinks and see if this has an effect on your appetite. The best beverage is water and lots of it.

* Reduce the amount of white foods you eat. These are things such as bread, chips, crackers, salty snacks, and baked goods. Most of these don’t contain much nutritional value, but they do contain a lot of fat and empty calories.

* Eat smaller meals more often. If you are constantly eating 4 – 6 times per day, you won’t even have a chance to feel hunger. If you don’t feel hungry all of the time, there is less chance of you losing control and overeating something that you should not be eating.

* Use a small plate for your meals. This will trick your brain into thinking that you are eating a large portion.

* Eat more fresh vegetables and fruit. They contain a lot of fiber and fiber helps you to feel full.

* If you have a craving for something, don’t deny that craving. Have a little of what it is you are craving and then stop. If you don’t give in to your cravings sometimes, you will never be able to stick to a weight loss plan. Moderation is the key.

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