Burn The Fat

Burn The Fat

oprah_mag_quoteIf you’re serious about losing weight, then Tom Vento’s ‘burn the fat, feed the muscle’ is right for you.

 It’s highly customized to fit your needs and personalized just for you.

 The program is designed to be personalized for you.

 What that means is that it’s accustomed to your body type.

 You will be taught how to identify which body type you are, then given information on how to make a diet and fitness plan based on your body type.

 This is not your typical generic program.

 Burn the fat review: Nutrition

 Be ready to get hit hard with guides and information about nutrition alone.

 Everything is extensively covered so nothing is missed. There’s even bonus packages and extra ones you can purchase.

 On top of that, Tom has a members website you can purchase a subscription with even more loads of information.

 There’s a bodybuilding package too which puts a lot of emphasis on getting a low body fat percentage.

 The downside to all this, if you don’t have enough discipline to take the time to educate yourself, the amount of information could be overwhelming. However, if you can get through it all and apply it, it’s very rewarding.

This is also not for people looking for the “easy” diet, or casual dieters. This information is useful to ones who want to change there entire lifestyle.

 Burn the fat review: Exercise3

 There is quite a bit of information given on exercise. There’s sample workouts and suggested exercises given. Unfortunately the exercise portion is not covered as extensively as the nutrition.

 These are not step-by-step guides like some programs. It could take a while finding the right exercises for you.

 However, there are forums within toms membership site that include topics on exercise and you could find your answers there. There’s also a weightlifting FAQ.

 Its fair to say this weight loss product is out of the ordinary. It’s detailed and extensive to help you reach the highest success possible.

 It’s a true guide to building your best body. If you’re only looking to lose a few pounds, this program may be a bit much for you.

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